Heilmann Clamping Screws & Wrench for Talley Rings
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More Torque than Levers or Torx with less effort
Improved Performance for an already great product:  Talley Detachable Rings
May be adaptable to similar ring designs

Simply remove old Torx or Lever Screws while holding clamping plate in place, screw in Heilmann Screws using thumb and forefinger & tighten with wrench. (8 point 3/8" socket can be used in a pinch)

No need to tighten screws till your knees buckle!
I've made and used this system for years on my own custom rings and rifles on calibers including 500 Jeffery.

Levers are underpowered for heavier calibers or even sharp recoiling rifles and can be a problem when mounting on rifles such as the 98 Mauser, and Torx can be awkward when used as a quick detachable method.


1 Precision Stainless Wrench with Hardened Pins & 2 Precision
Heat treated 4140 Screws 
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Extra Wrenches

Extra Screws (per pair)                                    


$ 6.00


Custom folding wrench & trap door grip cap available on special order.

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International Sales--Wire Transfer Only
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