Elegant lines.
Precision fit.
Fine detailing.
Impeccable finish.

These are the elements that mark the significant difference between other sporting guns and the handcrafted excellence of a best quality firearm.

Each of my custom guns is designed with a focus on creating a rifle that boasts both accuracy and proper function.  Combining artistic and technical skill, these unique firearms are the product of hundreds of hours of hand and machine work.  Only the finest metals and woods are used, ensuring superior quality and aesthetic beauty.

Whether you're a hunter or a collector, you'll appreciate the time and skill that goes into each project.  A rifle of the finest quality can be handed down with pride from generation to generation.

Stephen R. Heilmann

A Cautionary Note

Over the last several years there have been many custom rifles offered for sale in various publications and on websites using the wording "Heilmann metalwork" or something similar.  I have been involved in custom gun building for 40 years.  Approximately 25% of the custom work I perform is what I refer to as "piecemeal", where, for example, a bolt body only will be shipped to me and I'll install a custom handle and return it to the customer.  Later, after the rifle has passed through the shops of many craftsmen and is completed, it may be offered for sale as having "Heilmann metalwork", suggesting that I did all of the metal work, when in fact I may have only contributed a few hundred dollars worth of work and no more than a bolt or bolt and a receiver ever passed through my shop.  In some cases the seller has been misinformed by the previous owner.  In some instances it is the seller themselves, who is intentionally misrepresenting the rifle. In some instances I have indeed done all of the metal work.  So, if "Heilmann metalwork" adds value to a rifle you are interested in purchasing, ask for the current owner to furnish receipts.  If they cannot, let the buyer beware.  (I will only verify authenticity on complete rifles I have built.)
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