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Miniature Single Shot 
Stephen Heilmann

Caliber:  17 HMR
Action:  Hagn MHK4
Wood:  Exhibition California English
Length of Pull:  13-1/2
Weight:  4-1/2 lbs.
Scope:  Redfield 3/4" 4X
     To me it was critical that the proportions on this rifle looked correct while retaining a functional side.  Much of the build time was devoted to this demand.  The diminutive Redfield scope is in pristine condition and the only one that comes close to the correct proportions.  The stock blank was 15 years old when I carved it.  The butt plate, grip cap, and sling swivel studs are custom creations.  It has a hand rubbed oil finish, and 28 L.P.I. checkering.  

     Engraver extraordinaire, Denis Reece, has engraved the rifle.  It is lavishly adorned with gold and platinum inlays.

​               Price:   Fully engraved and colored         $59,750.00 

                                    This rifle has been sold 
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Forms of Payment Accepted
Domestic Sales-- Cashier's Check, Wire Transfer
International Sales--Wire Transfer Only
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