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                      Photos by Stephen R. Heilmann

© 2020 Stephen R. Heilmann
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Patrons of the Art

Custom gun enthusiasts have various reasons for commissioning projects.  For some clients it's a lifelong dream to have one fine gun.  Some have a hunting rifle built for every "occasion".  Still others have their projects built over a period of several years because that is what their finances will allow, and then there are what I call the benefactor clients, those who know what they want or say "Surprise me" and cost is not a primary concern.    

These enthusiasts have had to suffer the scoffs and jabs of the undiscerning who say "This cost how much?"and "That's crazy!", all the while feeling bad for their critics because they just don't possess the eye and appreciation for fine things that take hundreds of hours to build, have a function, and can endure for centuries.

Without this support from all our clients, the custom gun trade would be a distant shadow and most certainly the projects on these pages would never have come to fruition.

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation goes out to you all.

You are the true Patrons of this Art!